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Company Culture

Asiatelco's Culture:

Brand Intepretation:
Quality Assurance, Technology innovation, global Engagement, Build to Last

Value proposition

Value = Quality + Efficiency + Customer satisfaction - Customer Complain

Product proposition
No picky customers, only imperfect products

Our motto
Planning assured with execution.
Top quality comes from continuous improvement

Core culture
Respecting and Sharing
Respect and care the career development of all employees
Aim to build a benefit-sharing platform to assure all stakeholders to engage and share Asiatelco’s accomplishments.
Family culture
Asiatelco adopts a family-type culture of caring, helping, supporting, people-oriented, and team spirit.
Our employees treat Asiatelco as their home and form a trusted partnership with the company which brings more cohesion and more synergy. Through joint efforts of the company and employees, we have established a good image of being proactive, heart-warming, and harmonious to our customers and employees.